Based on the numerous options available on social networking sites, Relationship Status tells the story of a number of KL-ites from all walks of life whose relationships are created, changed and sometimes even ruined by the way we communicate in the 21st century.

Aidil Rusli, writing about his thoughts on cinema in Malaysia so far in 2012.

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Didn’t get a chance to catch our screening last Sunday? Well we’re showing it again at HELP University, thanks to Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia! So come one, come all, and enjoy it as an audience before the movie is relegated to home video. And, once you’re done watching it, shoot some questions over to Khai and ask him all those questions he still hasn’t answered here or on the Facebook page (and there have been quite a few).

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If you’ve been waiting for the DVD to come out, here’s the bad news - it looks like the DVD release has been pushed back to the end of April due to some complications (which we’d rather not get into here) BUT in anticipation for the DVD, here’s your chance to watch Relationship Status in a theatre with an audience before the DVD comes out!

That’s right - on Sunday 8th of April we’ll be showing Relationship Status once again, this time at the Actors Studio Lot 10 at 3pm together with a Q&A with director Khairil M. Bahar! (And perhaps anyone else from the flick he manages to wrangle to the screening, you never know…)

So all those that complained that they missed it in the cinemas, here’s your chance. All those who saw it in the cinemas, come watch it again or just come for the Q&A and ask Khai a thing or two about the flick (you can even ask him why he has no concept of a tripod, he’ll answer anything). And for those who’ve been waiting for the DVD, here’s our way of saying sorry for the delay.

We may be showing it in one or two other venues before the DVD release (once the other venues get back to us) and we’re also planning a little event for the DVD release itself. In the meantime, be sure to come down on Sunday to check out our little indie flick and get to know us a little better.

We don’t bite. Honest.


Venue: Actors Studio Lot 10, KL

Date/Time: Sunday 8th of April, 3pm

Entry: Minimum RM10 donation

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I want to buy the dvd. When will you guys officially release the dvd? March is ending soon :/ and I've been waiting for you guys to release. Do give us a estimate date please :)

So sorry for the delay! Unfortunately it’s been pushed to end of April due to some ‘complications’ that we’d rather not mention here. But we’ll be doing something as a consolation for all those that have been waiting which will be posted here on our site tomorrow (Saturday March 31st) at 12:38pm so stay tuned… ;)

Want to know when ‘Relationship Status’ will be out on DVD and on-line video? Guess what - you’re in luck!

Director Khairil M Bahar has posted a lengthy post on his blog detailing the intended release details, how he’s going about it and all the intricacies of releasing a movie on home video by yourself, so click the pic above or click here if you missed it in the cinemas, want to watch it again or simply curious about how one goes about this sort of thing.

The script here is pure and casual and so relaxed. Even the actors/actresses in this movie looked relaxed. Especially Davina Goh. She seems really confident. Like she’s done this a million times. Have you been to a play/theatre and noticed how actors/actresses act on stage, they’re like “hey just another day at work, no biggie”? They’re THAT confident and relaxed. I don’t know if Davina Goh acts on stage but she seemed like it and she did a really good job. Another actress who I thought outstood everybody was Susan Lankester. She was great!  Her facial expression, her body language was very good. I mean, she doesn’t need to say anything but you know that her character is going through a tough time. And I like how her character was build too. Because at the starting of the movie, she doesn’t talk that much but, like I said, you can tell that she’s troubled. But at that scene when she’s video chatting with her son, where she just lets out everything, I thought that was very beautiful and very touching. Almost made me cry, that scene.

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People say that when you meet your soulmate, that person completes you.  So when it ends, does it mean you end up being a single and a lonely half again?

If you had an amazing ride of eight years like mine, you would be whole.  You would always be a whole person, wherever you choose to go, choose to live, choose to love.

You would be a whole… 

Because you would have walked away with wisdom you’ve gained for two persons.

Because you would have acquired the best traits from him, and be reminded of which of your best that you would keep.

Because you would now have the best jokes from two persons to impress the world.

And lastly and most important of all,

Because you would have learned so much on how to love, be loved, and to love, that whether or not you find that next soulmate later, you would always know how to love yourself and those around you.”

Not a review, but a post by someone who enjoyed the movie and was inspired by it to write something about her current relationship status and the loss of a loved one. Click the title or click here to read the full post.